C2CA 006 Acoustic Drums and Percussion


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Number of files – 200

File Format – WAV

Sample Rate – 44.1 kHz

Bit Depth – 16 Bit

Folder Size Compressed – 40.14 MB

Introducing the ultimate sound arsenal for electronic music producers – our Acoustic Drum and Percussion Sample Pack! Crafted, shaped, and transformed specifically for electronic music styles, this pack is a treasure trove of meticulously recorded acoustic drum and percussion sounds.

Within this curated collection, you’ll find a vast array of 200 unique samples, each brimming with character and sonic richness. These sounds have been expertly captured, sculpted, and twisted to perfection, ensuring they seamlessly blend into your electronic compositions, adding depth, texture, realistic tonality, and that organic touch that can elevate your tracks to new heights.

We’ve paid meticulous attention to detail when capturing these sounds, ensuring that every hit, resonance, and nuance is flawlessly preserved. The result is a collection of pristine audio samples that truly shine in any mix.

With a sample rate of 44.1kHz and a bit depth of 16 bits, our WAV files deliver the utmost audio fidelity, faithfully capturing the dynamics and nuances of each sound. This ensures that when you drop these samples into your projects, they integrate seamlessly, whether you’re producing house, techno, drum and bass, or any other electronic genre.

The possibilities are endless with this versatile collection. Whether you’re seeking thunderous kicks, crisp snares, tight hi-hats, or intricate percussion loops, our Acoustic Drum and Percussion Sample Pack has got you covered. These samples are a perfect starting point for creating rhythmic foundations, adding layers of groove, or enhancing existing beats with that elusive human touch.

So don’t miss out on this must-have sample pack. Unlock your creative potential and make your tracks stand out from the crowd. Order your Acoustic Drum and Percussion Sample Pack today and experience the power of organic sounds in the electronic realm.


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