C2CA 005 Synth Sounds


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Number of files – 55

File Format – WAV

Sample Rate – 44.1 kHz

Bit Depth – 16 Bit

Folder Size Compressed – 40.06 MB

Introducing  our Synth Sounds Sample Pack,  a brilliant addition to the arsenal for Electronic Music Producers!

Are you ready to take your electronic music production to the next level? Look no further! Our exclusive synth sounds sample pack is meticulously crafted for aficionados of electronic music, especially those enthralled by the pulse-pounding beats of drum n bass. With 55 expertly sculpted and synthesised synth sounds, this pack is your gateway to sonic mastery.

Each sound has been meticulously engineered to deliver the perfect blend of energy, grit, twisted synthesis and futuristic vibes that define the drum n bass genre, but can also be used in any other genre. Our team of seasoned sound designers and music enthusiasts have poured their expertise and passion into crafting this collection, ensuring that every sample exudes sonic quality.

Featuring a variety of basslines, leads, pads, stabs, and atmospheric textures, which will cater to your every sonic need. Whether you’re looking to create thunderous bass drops, intricate melodic patterns, or captivating atmospheric elements, this sample pack has got you covered.

Technical excellence is paramount, which is why we’ve spared no effort in ensuring the highest audio quality. Each sample is produced at a pristine 44.1kHz sample rate and boasts a 16-bit depth, guaranteeing crystal-clear sound reproduction and uncompromising fidelity. Plus, all samples are provided in WAV format, the gold standard for compatibility across a wide range of digital audio workstations.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your copy today and witness the transformation of your soundscapes into sonic masterpieces!