The Untouchables give us a mesmerisingly, hypnotic groove driven track called ‘Silence Your EGO’. This is available on the well respected Samurai Music. This track is simply infectious and will have you swaying as if under a trance. It’s spooky and dark, yet inviting and amazingly sculpted with some excellent sound design. I’ve listened to it several times round and really love the way the sounds are mixed and positioned against each other.

I really enjoyed the movement in the drums and the tones that swell from low down and up through the reverberant highs. The vocal chant is really cool and is possibly one of the sounds that gives this such a sinister edge at times. As the music progresses, that mesmerising beat is still pounding along keeping you moving. Brilliant track, check it out 🙂 Its part of their EP – Mutations.

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