This track has power, energy and soul, all wrapped up in a classic drum and bass vibe that sweeps you off your feet and makes you want to turn up the volume and reach to the sky. DJ Ransome has produced an absolutely magical journey in “Arctic Blizzard”, a track that has delicate pianos and hard hitting drums that really blend all parts of drum and bass in to this piece of music. The production is absolutely on point, the drums are crisp and punchy, ticking along with the driving bass which has an brilliant tone to it, even on the smallest of speakers.
The swirling effects and ambience throughout the track grabbed my attention immediately, transporting me and you as a listener to a cold, open world, ready to be enlightened by the track as it drops with the far reaching reverbs, seamless delays and host of beautifully crafted parts on a host of different instruments including brass, pianos and reverberant strings in the background. There are not enough words in my lexicon to describe exactly how this track makes me feel, but because I don’t like to repeat the words I have already used to continue describing a piece of music. This is amazing and you should listen to it.
It is part of an amazing EP called “The Arctic Blizzard / The Night Tube”, which is available on Influenza Media. You can follow DJ Ransome on Facebook, Twitter and listen to his brilliant podcast on