D Flect brings us Reflection as a free download on Soundcloud. This track has a downbeat and almost somber starting point, almost an opportunity for “Reflection”. But all that quickly lifts with the brass licks, soaring vocals and perfect drums. The beat ticks along giving a real sense of direction for the track, holding all of the instruments in place, this is a beautiful piece of music all round and a joy to listen to. As a free download, you don’t want to miss this track. It has everything that you want in a smooth, liquid drum and bass track. It would be perfect in many situations and this is a credit to the production of the individual sounds and mix in general.


As soon as the track was finished, I wanted to listen to the next, so I replayed the track before moving on to find more of D Flect’s tracks. I’m sure you will do the same. D Flect can be found on Soundcloud and Facebook.
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Depths is a fantastic dnb journey by a talented artist known as K2T. This release come to you on Detached Audio, a drum and bass label providing forward thinking music. And this certainly fits in to that dimension. The drums are punchy yet feel like they are being played through a vinyl with a warmth and crackle that gives them a really interesting character. The bass dives around somewhat a kin to trap and more bass driven music, yet it fits perfectly with the pads and almost scatty percussive bubbles.

There is a real strand of originality in the is track, as well as the rest of the ep that this comes from – Starscape. K2T is a really imaginative music producer and he presents some incredible ideas and mixes in his musical output. This track, Depths, is a perfect example of one of the extremes of his style within drum and bass for example.

I always make a point of highlighting the fact that music that catches you by surprise – is my favourite, obviously there are still limits to this, but K2T has a fantastic ability to pull you in and out of a mood or genre with out causing confusion.

Take the time to listen to this ep, another track called The Idealist shows a very different dimension to K2T which tugs on the tender side of your emotions….

Ground Unit bring us Animal EP on Nu Venture Records, which is a joy to listen to. The stand out track for me is the title track Animal. The pads are rich and inviting at the front of the track, and the drum build up ramps up the energy before the track drops.


The bass sounds are inventive and complimentary of each other to give the track a unique identity. The vocals are beautiful, soaring notes contrasting against the jumpy staccato drum and bass backdrop that pushes us forward. This track is great, I really enjoyed it.


The rest of the EP is great and well worth your time to listen to, with upbeat, positive music with brass parts and amazing vocals. Check out Ground Unit on Soundcloud or in our Spotify Playlist!
This is Ash:Ram’s debut EP on Celsius Recordings and it is quite special. Starting with Crushed, we are straight in to a deep rolling drum and bass track with fluttering overtone melodies and brilliant production all round. The drums sound fresh and exciting with their percussive elements darting in and out, while the bass pulsates and pull the track around brilliantly.

Title track Vertigo starts as a more ambient track but when it drops we are pulled straight back to the mood and groove we were just swaying too, but dressed up in a whole new incarnation of the Ash:Ram style. The bass still pulls around but its now a familiarity that we long for when listening. This track has a great vibe and is my favourite on the EP.

Gently leans slightly more to a breaks style to start with, its more scatty feeling but still precision drums keep you on your toes as you find yourself moving yet again to the infectious groove. The vocals and pianos compliment each other beautifully in this track giving a perfectly rounded EP of three powerful and amazing produced drum and bass tracks.
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Enter Linear, with his unique and distinct, deep and powerful stye of drum and bass. This track, ‘Heavyweight’ really is a heavy, room shaker. Get your speakers set just right to appreciate this track as it has a really round and well produced low end holding everything together. The percussion dances around beautifully over the weight and the melodic sounds flutter with detail around the stereo field.

This is really great to listen to and is a great example of Linear’s sound, and also of the label Critical Bass Recordings.

There is a hyped energy being held back in this track which really gives it an edgy feel as if it could drop and knock you out of your chair each time there is a little cut for a variant fill. It is a very well produced and crafted piece of music. Take a listen!

From the artwork, you would be forgiven for thinking this is going to be an easy ride of an EP with relaxing tones throughout. That would be a no. This is a fantastically diverse set of tracks with contrasting tones of sound design and recognisable instrumentation that really engages the listener.

The track Honestly from this EP is a blend of ethereal vocals and heavy precision drums, with a smooth bass holding everything together. This track feels so raw with its drums pounding away, driving the track through the reverberant tails of vocals and pianos. Its quite haunting yet inviting at the same time and this is brilliant in a piece of music, being able to evoke two contrasting emotions at the same time. The production on this track is second to none and it really is something to admire within the drum and bass spectrum, it is also a great example of relatively simple instrumentation sounding huge and being perfectly crafted together to create the very character of this track. This is a brilliant piece of music to start the EP that is available on Soul Deep Recordings. The rest of the EP takes us through several other sub genres of drum and bass, all executed with the same precision and extreme craft that is the Conrad Subs sound.

I would recommend checking out some of the other releases of this producer if this is the first track you have heard, he has an impressive catalogue and release rate that is inspiring in itself.

The EP is available on Soul Deep Recordings.

Vaiafi - The Golden Outline EP

What a way to be introduced to an artist and group of talented musicians and producers. I have an affinity and weak point for music that has soul and feels organic. This ep, from first to last, is a beautiful blend of soulful vocals, soft sweeping pads, rounded bass and supremely crafted drums.This all pulls together to create a fantastic ep which starts with the title track, Golden Outline, a calm track with an underbelly of energy surrounded by catchy melodies and pristine vocals.

Happy People is more of a meandering journey in to the subconscious of these musicians, with a different, more bouncy feel that replicates the positive yet questioning lyrics in the vocal delivery.

The third track, Stamina, is my personal Mel favourite because of the difference in mood. It’s a little darker with some slightly more abstract sounds mixed with the glass type chords. I find this track hypnotic and I literally never wanted it to end. The space within the drinks of this track is really nicely accented with the perfect reverb, just the right tail length.

P & P happily brings us back up to the full pace dnb but yet retaining the spacious and uncluttered style that is now familiar from Vaiafi on this ep. The final track Night Cry Sky drops back into the super chilled broken beat influenced soundscape. The wonderful thing about this ep is how diverse each track is within the drum and bass genre, showing off the influences and open minded approach to composition, sound design and musical boundaries.

This ep is available from Atmomatix Records.

Find out more about Vaiafi on Facebook.