This is a summer bouncing tune that will pull a smile across your face thats wider than your ears. From the first Rhodes chord, beautifully delayed and filtered, through the robotic vocals, deep bass hits, chopped guitars and synth stabs, this is an evolving journey with electronic disco undertones. It progresses amazingly, pushing the energy and your expectation of the track throughout – this is a fantastic track by Staunch.

The drums are punchy and fat, everything has its place in the mix and the production is brilliant. This is going to be my summer song for sure. It has every element that you would want to get the party going, brass stings and funk influences throughout.

I’ll be keeping an eye out for Staunch and so should you. The release also features two other tracks, Interstate Grooves feat. Beat Fatigue, and Rhetoric. Both are incredible pieces of music making this three track EP a well rounded and enjoyable collection of tracks. The EP is available on Westwood Recordings.

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