Available on Samurai Music, this track has groove, ambience and leans towards a more sinister vibe. Kwartz has an amazing talent from drum production with the percussion and energy continuously developing and driving the track forward. Each drum sound is perfectly crafted to cut through the wall of sound, and tail off in to the background with it’s reverb or delay pattern. The percussion is positioned all around the stereo field which makes it a joy to listen to. This sounds awesome on all sound systems I have played it through – a really inspiring mix.

The rest of the instruments fall in to a drone type category, pulsating in and out of the drums and ambience. The texture and tonality of the low end bass part, and the pads, is really rich and filters through a gritty energy in the track. There are other sweeping sounds that come in and out that are really cool in the way that they pull your attention away from the rest of the mix and over to one side of the stereo field before dropping you right back in to the centre of the mix. I love this track and I am really inspired by most of the output from Samurai Music.

You can follow Kwartz on Soundcloud.

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