FERG release their incredibly creative track “123” on Stripes Records, this is a masterful piece of music that needs to be experienced, not just listened to. The instrumentation is interesting and somewhat unusual, although, each sound is perfectly crafted and given it’s own space within the mix. The width in the stereo imaging is incredible, with some of the high synth sounds seemingly jumping out of the speakers horizontally.

The reverb on the vocal stab and the cavernous space that this creates rolling away in to the background is unreal. I couldn’t help but smile listening to this. The introduction of the mallet type instruments to almost give more stimulus to the listener perfectly compensates the lack of words with in the vocal part. It is really very well put together and I am particularly inspired listening to this.

This track, in my opinion, borrows from so many genres that it almost shouldn’t work, but then again, thats probably why it does. The selection of instruments is really well thought out with each sound able to contradict and compliment the other parts of the arrangement. The dynamics in the mix rise and fall and build a really interesting energy as the track progresses. Brilliant piece of music that I’m really glad I’ve had the opportunity to listen to.

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