The studio has recently expanded by taking on a second room in which to turn in to a newly dedicated live room, rehearsal and chill out space. Personnel have altered slightly with the addition of our in house photographer, videographer and video tutor, Rynette Hartmann from Jon perry has also added himself to the fray by bringing his expertise on the drumming, percussion and backline knowledge, as well as providing lessons, he will also be engineering projects.

The website will be updated very soon to fully reflect the changes that have recently been happening at cause2create and you will be able to find out more information about everyone on their own page.

The live room itself is in the corner of the building only sharing a wall with the control room meaning we have taken over an entire corner of the floor in the building. The whole corridor is great to be involved in with several other studios working on similar projects day in and day out. The most musical corridor in the music industry!