The newest release from Manchester’s Denis Jones is 3333.

With a fresh twist on his sound and a deeper feeling record to the previous releases, the reach of this artist is growing and his dedication to his project is inspiring to anyone.

For a musician to be able to build a sonic environment around their voice in the context of a solo live performer is the point to remember with this music. It’s a performance that you can experience and I would also highly recommend this if you get the chance.

Jazz Squared is probably my favourite on this album, the vocal layers are mesmerising which is to be expected from Denis Jones, if you have any knowledge of this producer performer.

Production through this collection of tracks is interesting to listen to with different instruments sliding through each other to the fore front and back into the soundscape, which is beautiful to listen to.

This could easily be enjoyed at any time of the day and I would highly recommend checking it out!
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