Cosmic Daisy Guitarist Joel with Ben

Ben has recently worked with some old friends in Joel and Dave formerly of Manchester band Cosmic Daisy.

The guys originally met over at Bee Hive Mill, the home of Sankeys and also Big Fish Rehearsals.

Due to previous work done with the band, Ben was asked to work on a Charity Driven project to raise money for a good cause.

Joel, Dave and newest member, Rhona appeared ready to track one song with the possibility of mixing or adding to a previously recorded track.

Drums, bass and keyboards were tracked live together in a very dynamic performance. It looked more like a live gig and the track shows this energy undoubtably.

Guitars were then over dubbed in several layers and then vocals before the mix commenced.

The two sessions were great fun and it was really cool to work with good friends again.

Really do hope that the track does its bit to raise the money for the charity at its cause.