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Musa – Make You Do feat. Julian Soto

I’ve listened to this track a couple of times now, it has an inviting pad and vocal that draw in the listener and caresses the ears before the bass lands and shudders the complexion of your thought process. The track feels raw and truthful to the artists involved, blending together the different styles and influences…

Denis Jones – 3333

The newest release from Manchester’s Denis Jones is 3333. With a fresh twist on his sound and a deeper feeling record to the previous releases, the reach of this artist is growing and his dedication to his project is inspiring to anyone. For a musician to be able to build a sonic environment around their…

Aardonyx – 2 Year Mix

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Ramal Rafiki – New Baby

Ramal Rifiki is a Manchester based producer and vocalist with a unique, upbeat and fresh twist to his style of electronic hip hop. I really like this piece of music, it has great energy right from the off coming from the groove and tone of the bass synth. This sets the tone for the track…

Jade Parker – Closer

Jade Parker’s Lead Me Astray EP comes with much anticipation and intrigue. ‘Closer’ introduces us the the chilled vibes, pulsating drums and beautiful vocals that really give this music producer her own space in time. The music itself is really well produced with well balanced sounds and amazing detail in the textures that are spaced…

The Erised – Heroes

The latest track from electronic Med School band, “The Erised”, is a euphoric build up of promise that does not disappoint when the full power of this beautiful track lands on the ears. The drums are punchy but not overwhelming, leaving space for the soft pads and soaring vocals to weave toward the listener. The…

Author – Forward Forever Mix

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