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Afterglow – Ambient Mix

B&b – Read Me

‘B&b is a collaboration between rapper/poet/vocalist Sean Braithwaite (MC Buzz B, Lion Rock) and producer Ben Ashdown (Truant, Showbanned) that was first conceptualised in 2009 as a “wouldn’t be nice if…” idea. Well they got round to it… and I’m really pleased they did.’ This is a stunning piece of music. It will exaggerate any…

Jade Parker – Closer

Jade Parker’s Lead Me Astray EP comes with much anticipation and intrigue. ‘Closer’ introduces us the the chilled vibes, pulsating drums and beautiful vocals that really give this music producer her own space in time. The music itself is really well produced with well balanced sounds and amazing detail in the textures that are spaced…

Forbidden Planet – One

Forbidden Planet are a techno duo from Manchester. With a wealth of knowledge and technical ability, they have crafted this masterpiece of an album. The analogue soundscapes and driving beats mixed perfectly with ethereal vocals and floating pads. Every track on this album is stand out, and yet pulls together to form an even stronger…

City 2 Coast Audio

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