The studio has recently expanded by taking on a second room in which to turn in to a newly dedicated live room, rehearsal and chill out space. Personnel have altered slightly with the addition of our in house photographer, videographer and video tutor, Rynette Hartmann from rynette.com. Jon perry has also added himself to the…

Paul Wild


The first project since expanding the studio was a singer songwriter, from a metal band background, called Paul Wild. Paul had a collection of acoustic tracks that he wanted to capture a live performance recording of. We spent two afternoons capturing the huge performances from Paul and then spent an evening recording additional vocals with…

Cosmic Daisy

Cosmic Daisy Guitarist Joel with Ben

Ben has recently worked with some old friends in Joel and Dave formerly of Manchester band Cosmic Daisy. The guys originally met over at Bee Hive Mill, the home of Sankeys and also Big Fish Rehearsals. Due to previous work done with the band, Ben was asked to work on a Charity Driven project to…


Vocal recording at cause 2 create audio in Salford, Manchester UK

We have recently be working on a three track ep with an amazing two piece metal band called Skulldozer. The guys, Jon and Jake, were great to work with, full of energy and very talented! Perfect combination The tracks are all quite different but it reflects, if anything the musical ability and also the influences…

DJ Mark One

DJ Mark one friend of c2caudio and the guys

DJ Mark One, a good friend of the lads in the studio, has been dropping in and out for various guitar riffs and chords for projects he has currently been working on. You may recall that we recorded some scratching from the multi winning DMC Champion for some Escapee tracks a while back. There has…

Mike Moss

The Mike Moss band recording an acoustic track

Mike Moss and his band, one of which is our own engineer Ben, came for a double use of the studio in January. Primarily to record an love acoustic version of the track ‘Drop in the ocean’, but secondly, to capture the performance on video to create a blended music video for the track –…

Forth By Day


Several years ago Ben was in a band with Hunter, a close working musical partner in a progressive grunge based band. The group stopped playing together due to musical differences and time commitments, something uncommon in the scene. Hunter has continued to work in the the studio since on various projects including the Mike Sweeney…

That Sunless Tide… Again!

That Sunless Tide

The guys from That Sunless Tide came down to the new studio setup in October to re edit a couple of sections of the tracks recorded previously to better reflect the current state of the tracks. A couple of quick tweaks from Ben, and then Alasdair’s careful ear was applied. Job done, everybody happy and…

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