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What a fantastic collection of tracks. There really is something for everyone on this album. Zed Bias brings us Selectah, Vol.1, which like all things we expect from this artist, is top quality dance floor grooves and heartfelt downtempo vibes. Full of catchy, funky bass lines, soulful top vocal lines, grimy raps, sparkly brass and beautiful Rhodes keys, all mixed and twisted together with a masterful craft.

After listening through the album a couple of times, stand out tracks for myself personally are “Raise Your Hand”, “Letting You Go” and “Vibesin” but this is a really difficult thing to pick out of a body of work that is inspired and well connected. It should be listened to from start to finish so that you can be taken on the journey of blended influences and styles. Each collaborating or featured artist brings their own unique element to the track, Trigga for example really lifts the pace and energy, while Tyler Daley gives us layers and harmonies that exaggerate the grooves in a whole different manner.

If you want a journey this evening, get in your favourite listening position and  listen to this. You will not be disappointed. This is top quality music in 2018.
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