This track landed in my inbox this week and it was a refreshing change to listen to some music which comes from a completely different direction to what I would normally seek out.

The vocal production is second to none and this being the main focus of the track, the intensity and passion of the Violeta’s vocals are more than mesmerising, pulling the listener in.

The instrumental behind the vocals is smooth and precise with a nod to an 80’s sounding set of instruments, accenting the rises and scoops in the vocal delivery with a level of professionalism and musical certainty.

The drums push the track forward with an amazing sounding kick drum and, in style with the rest of the track, lovely reverb on the snare. The arp synth is rounded and sweeping, sinking away in to the background just as the listener wants more. This is a really great track all round and I encourage you to take a listen to some of Violeta Skya’s other tracks. You can follow her on Facebook and Youtube.
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