What a way to be introduced to an artist and group of talented musicians and producers. I have an affinity and weak point for music that has soul and feels organic. This ep, from first to last, is a beautiful blend of soulful vocals, soft sweeping pads, rounded bass and supremely crafted drums.This all pulls together to create a fantastic ep which starts with the title track, Golden Outline, a calm track with an underbelly of energy surrounded by catchy melodies and pristine vocals.

Happy People is more of a meandering journey in to the subconscious of these musicians, with a different, more bouncy feel that replicates the positive yet questioning lyrics in the vocal delivery.

The third track, Stamina, is my personal Mel favourite because of the difference in mood. It’s a little darker with some slightly more abstract sounds mixed with the glass type chords. I find this track hypnotic and I literally never wanted it to end. The space within the drinks of this track is really nicely accented with the perfect reverb, just the right tail length.

P & P happily brings us back up to the full pace dnb but yet retaining the spacious and uncluttered style that is now familiar from Vaiafi on this ep. The final track Night Cry Sky drops back into the super chilled broken beat influenced soundscape. The wonderful thing about this ep is how diverse each track is within the drum and bass genre, showing off the influences and open minded approach to composition, sound design and musical boundaries.

This ep is available from Atmomatix Records.

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