Tiamat gives us our first listen to Sant Bellante on Compatible Music, collaborating with Sebastian Markiewicz and I have to say that I was immediately drawn in to the spacious percussive, sci fi inspired introduction that really grabbed the attention ready for the journey that is about to begin.

It really put a smile on my face and you are compelled to nudge up the volume as the development into a progressive track, pushing through many influential styles, keeps giving to the listener. I really enjoy listening to music that has been crafted from different influences and the groove throughout with the rolling conga is a perfect stylistic choice that reveals other ideas in the track.

The vibe of this track is really cool, weaving together elements of house and techno styles mixed with well chosen percussion and development throughout. The detail in the production is really nice to hear and this keeps the listener interested and hooked to the track.

This track is exclusively available to listen to on web streaming service Check it out along with the rest of this brilliant release!