This landed in my inbox recently, and from the first hit of the kick drum and roll of the bass line had me hooked. Sumerio brings us the track “Apnea D”, the follow up to “Break”, another track worth checking out if you are in to progressive Techno. This is an impressively produced track that has lots of movement in the high end and arpeggiated riffs, taking full advantage of the stereo width. This is something that I really like in all styles of music, especially electronic based pieces because there is a tendency for these styles to be produced with very mono blocks of sound or static movement.

Coming from a live background, I love to take advantage of the width in a mix, and again, the drums in this track are really well produced, spaced out across the stereo field but also crisp, punchy and well layered. This gives an amazingly strong base for the track to build on, allowing the bass to drive the track forward with such momentum and energy that you can’t help but move along with this track. I think that this would be great on a night time drive through tunnels or the rain.

A subtle siren discordantly drops in and out occasionally, which is brilliant attention to detail, and these subtleties really add spice and flavour to the track. I will definitely be keeping my eyes and ears peeled for more from this artist and really hope that there is more to come in the not too distant future. Brilliant stuff all round. You can follow Sumerio on Facebook.