Techno of the highest order here with Thalanx and his Sub-Label Recordings EP called ‘Nahua‘. The opening track, titled ‘Desolate’ is a progressive underground techno track that takes you on a rollercoaster ride from the first arpeggiator through to the last drum hit. The melodic elements draw in the listener before the hard hitting low end and rhythmical drive transform the track in to a club worthy floor filler.

This producer has clearly spent a lot of time crafting his sound and sculpting the direction for his music to go in. There are obvious influences and nods to more atmospheric and euphoric tracks, which add to the huge amounts of energy that are buried in the track and creating the excitement when listening. I really liked this track, especially the softer musical elements and their contrast to the harsher sounds.

This is fine production skills to say the least, with crisp drums carving through the wall of synth sound and working with the effects to create a track that has a real heartbeat and sense of energy. As an opener on an EP, there is no better way to be introduced to a collection of tracks. The release is made up of three tracks, all in a dark and minimal techno style which are influenced by rich synth work and tribal percussion. Each track is individual but yet recognisable as Thalanx.

A Spiral in the Dark is John Torri’s latest techno offering on Sub-Label Recordings. This strong 4 track EP includes two original tracks and two remixes of those tracks. The production throughout the selection of tracks is brilliant with really precise, crisp drums that seem to have their own pulse and energy. The driven bass line pulsates while continuously complimenting the groove in the drums. The progressively developed synths give a position of release from the intensity of the rhythm section, and they are so well crafted and designed to contrast against the rest of the track. This really captures the sound of John Torri and builds on his previous releases.

What I really like about this track is how the track develops, almost to the point of insanity with so many instruments creeping forward in the mix and different drum parts capturing the listeners attention. If you listen to the track for a few seconds, you don’t notice the manipulation in the mix, its oh so subtle that you all of a sudden think it has changed completely. Brilliant stuff.