Liquithority drops another huge track unto the world with ‘War Lord’, a more intense and slightly darker piece of music, that still captures the unique sound and style that is the Manchester producer to a t.

The drums are crisp and punchy, driving the track forward and providing structure to the brilliantly spaced instrumentation and mix of synths that dance around the stereo field. The snare drum rolls and ticks along with such a groove that really adds the feel of a human player to the part. The drums, bass and synth sound design in this track is really spot on and listening in headphones only exaggerates the space that has been produced in this track.

As always, I am very impressed with the musicality and production from Liquithority, seeing a new track released by him always brings a smile to my face. This track doesn’t fail to do that either, my favourite sound in the track is the distant bass that introduces a key change towards the second half of the track showing the depth of musical knowledge and mixing technique. This is brilliant, check it out now.

Liquithority drops another beautiful track, this time with a more subdued vibe called “Interlude”. All I can say about this is I’ve replayed it many times and each time it sends shivers down the back of the neck.

There are subtle nuances that dance around the stereo field that if you are not paying attention, you simply won’t notice. Strings pulsate far in the distance before the drop, swirling through an arpeggio style riff, the sound of waves gives us a sense of ambience and an organic soul.

The drums are round and present in the mix, holding on to the house style roots that this track originated from, the bass ticks along weaving in and out of the drum pattern. I absolutely love this track, I thought that the previous track released by Liquithority was insanely good, but for my own personal tastes in music, this could be my favourite.

Once again, this generous music producer gives away his music for free, so grab it now before he stops being so kind to the music world.

One of the most accomplished musicians / producers i’ve heard for a long time, Liquithority from Manchester, UK, writing predominantly house music, brings us The Funk with this blindingly catchy track. Setting his tone from the beginning this track has all the elements that you recognise but with the unique Liquithority flair and style that adds a level of detail to all of his productions.

The drum production is on point and the use of the crowd to serve as part of the beat but also to give the track its own ambience is amazing. The bass progressively develops throughout the track giving us a taste of the other influences within the Liquithority arsenal.

To top it off, the video that has been put together is a brilliant example of how a music video can add more depth and audience attachment to a track. Mesmerising is the easy way to describe it, but its more than that as the ink pulsates and alters speed with the energy of the track. This completes the project and I really admire the detail and time that has been put in to this project.

Check out more of the tracks and releases from this artist on Soundcloud, Facebook, YouTube etc etc There are some amazing tracks he has shared which are all infectiously groovy.