K2T in collaboration with Sirus blow us away with a smooth, liquid Drum and Bass number called ‘Rwenzori’ which is available on Detached Audio. The track features a lush piano which holds all the elements together in a timeless fashion. The drums are crisp and punchy throughout, with subtle movements of the high percussion in the stereo image. The drum and bass element of the track is well balanced against the much more important piano part, ensuring the all the drive and energy is right there, holding the piano up and allowing all the tone to be heard.

I really like this track because the piano is so calming and when paired with the energy of the percussion, makes you sway from side to side with a big smile on your face. This track was over all too soon and had to be instantly replayed, second time round doesn’t disappoint at all, but with the expectation of the surge of energy that comes with the drop which allows you to fall back in to the sultry groove from moments earlier.

The variations within the drums keep the progression of the track moving along and rising in energy before dropping down to leave the effected piano to soar. These are both very talented producers who have pulled together a blinding track which should be something you listen to right now.

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Depths is a fantastic dnb journey by a talented artist known as K2T. This release come to you on Detached Audio, a drum and bass label providing forward thinking music. And this certainly fits in to that dimension. The drums are punchy yet feel like they are being played through a vinyl with a warmth and crackle that gives them a really interesting character. The bass dives around somewhat a kin to trap and more bass driven music, yet it fits perfectly with the pads and almost scatty percussive bubbles.

There is a real strand of originality in the is track, as well as the rest of the ep that this comes from – Starscape. K2T is a really imaginative music producer and he presents some incredible ideas and mixes in his musical output. This track, Depths, is a perfect example of one of the extremes of his style within drum and bass for example.

I always make a point of highlighting the fact that music that catches you by surprise – is my favourite, obviously there are still limits to this, but K2T has a fantastic ability to pull you in and out of a mood or genre with out causing confusion.

Take the time to listen to this ep, another track called The Idealist shows a very different dimension to K2T which tugs on the tender side of your emotions….