.Jam brings us Full Moon, and it truly is a journey through space and time. And I don’t want to ruin this for you, as the track unfolds magically around you as a listener as it develops and progresses along its trajectory. But what I will say, is that this track not only shows us a window in to the influences that inspire .Jam’s music, but it also dances almost between generational styles as well as current genres, without giving you the opportunity to properly label it.

It has the feel of one of those timeless classics and would be at home in many situations and environments with its pulsating heart and rhythm as well as the infectious top layers that continue to play around in your head after the track has finished.

The production on this track, in my opinion, is really smooth and precise, without being clinical and cold. The track has space and depth and the mix is detailed, allowing the subtle layers to flutter through and off into the distance.

I’m really looking forward to hearing more from .Jam. You can follow him on Soundcloud.

.Jam says, “I’ve decided to pledge 50% of all income from the sale of this track to a Manchester based charity set up by our Mayor, Andy Burnham, which aims to end rough sleeping in Manchester by 2020. (Manchester Homelessness Fund).

By downloading my track, you’ll not only get almost seven minutes of great music, you’ll be doing a good thing for humanity and helping homeless people in Manchester get off the streets and start helping to give them back the human dignity they deserve.” The other 50% will cover to release costs. This is a great cause and it is fully supported by us as well as .Jam.