‘Man of the House’ is a brilliantly cool blend of hip hop with electronic and orchestral elements that build an excellent platform for the story to be told over the top. The variations that mix up the driving beat,  funky piano and bass are brilliant examples of modern production values that propel a classic style and instrument set into an amazing track that has depth and detail that really supports and defines the the artists on display – Don Jovani and Dwayne Nate.

The different ad-libs supporting the main vocals give a real sense of experimentation and desire to create a vocal that is forward thinking and well produced. It paints a picture that you can re-imagine in your mind as you follow the facts and storyline that is delivered.

I really enjoyed listening to this track because the the instrumental in so interesting and well produced, these are some great musicians and producers who are creating some brilliant stuff and I’m eagerly waiting to listen to some more!

Kapital A brings us his 11:11 album which an exploration through hip hop and modern electronic music. Destiny gives us a piano driven, up beat and intense ride in this amazingly produced track.

The attention is captured instantly at the start with the combination of the piano and rising siren. The drums are fantastic in this track, so crisp and punchy, with out overshadowing the rest of the mix. The vocals are clean and precise with nice space cut around them in the mix.

I really like this crowd like chant that is leaning an influence in this track. The rest of the sound packet is mixed through electronica, a theme that is pulled through the album. Take a chasten, its a refreshing variation on hip hop rap that I really vibe of with a huge selection of instruments and textures taking each track in it own unique direction, while retaining the Kapital A focus. Another track that I enjoyed on the album was “Pedro”, check it out.

This track drew me in and grabbed my attention instantly. It has a timeless sound, that points you towards it’s influences and references the sound and time that it wants to be representing. The production on the track is great with the instrumentation really supporting the vocals. The space around the vocal is really nice to be a part of when listening to the track. There is something about the vocal that makes it seen like AJ Kapone is sat in the room with you. And all the vibe falls in to place as the track comes to an end and engineer is spoken to through the mic. Its a classic technique to bring the listener in to the studio, but it is done almost like a twist in this track and it works really well.


I’ve listened to what I can find so far of this artist, and I think that if there is the opportunity for him to keep writing and producing, he can be one to watch. His flow and lyrical production is really on point and his hip hop, rap, soul influences are a delight to listen to. The confidence in the delivery is great to listen to and really adds a level of professionalism and determination to come through the music. I really like the vibe.


Check out AJ Kapone on Soundcloud.

This track by Natalie Graham incorporates many aspects that I can’t help but love. The combination of earth shaking bass, pianos, a diverse vocal that can both sing and rap – all wrapped up in some great production and focused song direction. This is the first single off Natalie Graham’s album that will be released in the summer. The production in the vocals is really polished and allows them to show their character on top of a cool beat that supports the vocal focus and delivers more where its needs to.

I think that this track is fresh and honest. It paints a sonic picture of the artist we are listening to and leaves the audience longing for more. Which is perfect because there is more just around the corner.
I’ve listened to this track a couple of times now, it has an inviting pad and vocal that draw in the listener and caresses the ears before the bass lands and shudders the complexion of your thought process. The track feels raw and truthful to the artists involved, blending together the different styles and influences that clearly come from hip hop, trap and ambient electronica. Musa is an artist to watch out for!

I like to listen to as many different styles as possible and I really enjoy music that blends ideas and concepts together. It makes music more enjoyable for everyone involved. I really believe that the artists in this track have started a musical journey for themselves that will produce some amazing music and I can’t wait to listen to more!
The End Of The World And To The Left EP is a 6 track collection of tracks from hip hop artist Burnin Giraph. It is a really cool and diverse set of tracks that is quite special to listen to. In terms of being surprised, the track Cheers feat. Loe really takes you to another place within the EP. The whole musical journey from Burnin Giraph is interesting and encapsulating from start to finish and I know that I will be listening to this again.

The vocals and smooth pads in Cheers are really well crafted and sit with just enough of a cushion between the drums and bass ticking over underneath. The production is really good and the mixes are well balanced and inspiring to listen to.
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Ramal Rifiki is a Manchester based producer and vocalist with a unique, upbeat and fresh twist to his style of electronic hip hop.

I really like this piece of music, it has great energy right from the off coming from the groove and tone of the bass synth. This sets the tone for the track and you know that the there is a driving beat waiting to start up.

The track properly drops and the energy from the drums and the slightly more present vocals really lift the track. The main vocal itself has a cool hypnotic flow to it that draws in the listener.

The sample manipulation is stylised with a nod to its hip hop and trap influences, but well executed all the same, giving a familiar and gritty element to the track.

It is great to listen to a vocalist that is in total control of the production elements and music. You can really hear the time that has been put in to Ramal Rafiki’s music and its something to admire. Check out more of his releases on Soundcloud.