‘Man of the House’ is a brilliantly cool blend of hip hop with electronic and orchestral elements that build an excellent platform for the story to be told over the top. The variations that mix up the driving beat,  funky piano and bass are brilliant examples of modern production values that propel a classic style and instrument set into an amazing track that has depth and detail that really supports and defines the the artists on display – Don Jovani and Dwayne Nate.

The different ad-libs supporting the main vocals give a real sense of experimentation and desire to create a vocal that is forward thinking and well produced. It paints a picture that you can re-imagine in your mind as you follow the facts and storyline that is delivered.

I really enjoyed listening to this track because the the instrumental in so interesting and well produced, these are some great musicians and producers who are creating some brilliant stuff and I’m eagerly waiting to listen to some more!