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This is an absolute blinder of a track that punches so much weight in the intro, and then explodes in to a frantic dance floor, rave worthy track. Think of your strobe lights flashing and people flying on the sticky floors. I love the dark edgy vibe that Dualscript creates when the duo produces their drum and bass. There is so much detail in every aspect of this track that i had to listen to it several times to be able to take it all in.

I’m a huge fan of intricate drum production and patterns, this absolutely hits the nail on the head for me. A track that flows in and out of minimal and heavy at each drop, its so much more than the second track on the EP, but a whole encompassed view in to the mind set of these producers and their musical influences. The bass is rounded and warm, a contrast to the crisp drums and harsh tones that fly over the top. If you want to listen to something to get your juices flowing, this whole EP is worth a listen and I can honestly say that I enjoyed every second of it.

It may have been released a year ago, but when you come across music that you somehow missed when it was released, it is even more special to be able to join the party. I hope you like it as much as I have. You can follow Dualscript on Soundcloud here and find the release on Close 2 Death Recordings.

This is an amazing piece of music by Subminimal, a percussive driven track, ambient and minimal with its own pulse, energy and cross over of inspiration. Swaying between techno and dnb, the sound design and choices of instrumentation are awesome, with some fun twists and modulations to the sounds. The gaps in the onslaught of drums and bass allow for excellently crafted variations and fills that really echo out and take advantage of the space before the weight and power comes back in to the track.

Such a unique piece of music deserves to be heard, and due to it crossing several genres, I’m sure that this track will see the light of day in many situations and with different DJs. Its perfect for minimal yet intense sections of a mix. I really enjoyed the variations and beats in general in this track, as soon as the first drum hit, I was hooked.

This is such a dark and moody intro to an absolute dream of a minimal drum and bass remix. Kyrist has pulled together an immense sound palette with insane modulations and beautifully sculpted reverbs that simply slice through the air in front of you.

The drums are sparkly and clean, but have the fizz and power that holds the track together. The kick drum is perfect for this style of Drum and Bass, the percussive patterns are well structured leaving great areas for variations and tweaks to the rhythm. The bass is deep and powerful, rolling along in the back of the track, allowing all the twisted sounds and vocal cuts to slide in and out. The production values on this piece of music are really something to be admired.

This is the best track i’ve heard today, such a great groove and flow. The mix is strong and has great movement throughout. There isn’t a moment in this track where the sonic field stays still, its constantly evolving and developing. Absolutely brilliant.
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T & Sugah x NCT bring us Say To Me which is available on Liquidity Records. This is a fantastic summer drum and bass tune with all the energy possible to lift your mood and put a smile on your face. It kicks off with a beautiful vocal that grabs hold of you and prepares you for a journey that is about to unfold. The drums are bouncy and fun, a subtle hint of the groove is dropped before the build up and the squeeze before the tracks kicks off proper is really nicely filtered.


The vocal production is really smooth and catchy, an infectious lyric that gets stuck in the mind from the first few bars of the track. The stutter effects and vocal edits are current and slick which really gives this track a character of its own. The drum fills accent the energy shift and drive of the track while building for the next section to continue the energy. The bass line is cool and full of life, creating that perfect driving vibe or summer dance floor filler.

Celo has weaved an intricate masterpiece with the track “Fall”. The energy in this release is high, pushed along with incredibly sculpted drums and subtly modulated bassline, everything that a listener wants in a drum and bass tune. This track, available on Nu-Venture Records, is top quality and I have enjoyed every second of it, so much so that I have replayed it several times in order to fully appreciate it while not writing to the groove. The instrumentation is well balanced and perfectly mixed with very effective use of effects and filters to alter the balance of the leading instruments. The drum fills and twists in the breaks are fun to listen to and give the track a real identity.

I’ve heard a fair few tracks from Celo now, and they get stronger all the time while retaining his signature sound and production values. I’d heavily recommend listening to the catalogue so that you can appreciate this music production of drum and bass at its finest.

Here is another stunning track available on Detached Audio, and they are really pushing some fantastic music at the moment. This is Sirus and he brings us Soul Cleanse, a swirly, mesmerising weave of synth work and precision drums. The pad sound in this track is so inviting and with it’s subtle movements and changes, really entrances the listener as the track progresses through it’s stages. The stab like synth reminds me almost of a transformer style sound, which sends a shiver down my spine. The vocal delays bounce in to the distance, falling behind the drums and that amazing pad.

I can’t recommend these chilled vibes enough, and the whole track got a respin instantly because it felt like it was over all too soon, but maybe thats just me wanting more. The overall production values of this track are top quality and I am eagerly awaiting more tracks from Sirus, You can find him on Detached Audio.

This track has power, energy and soul, all wrapped up in a classic drum and bass vibe that sweeps you off your feet and makes you want to turn up the volume and reach to the sky. DJ Ransome has produced an absolutely magical journey in “Arctic Blizzard”, a track that has delicate pianos and hard hitting drums that really blend all parts of drum and bass in to this piece of music. The production is absolutely on point, the drums are crisp and punchy, ticking along with the driving bass which has an brilliant tone to it, even on the smallest of speakers.
The swirling effects and ambience throughout the track grabbed my attention immediately, transporting me and you as a listener to a cold, open world, ready to be enlightened by the track as it drops with the far reaching reverbs, seamless delays and host of beautifully crafted parts on a host of different instruments including brass, pianos and reverberant strings in the background. There are not enough words in my lexicon to describe exactly how this track makes me feel, but because I don’t like to repeat the words I have already used to continue describing a piece of music. This is amazing and you should listen to it.
It is part of an amazing EP called “The Arctic Blizzard / The Night Tube”, which is available on Influenza Media. You can follow DJ Ransome on Facebook, Twitter and listen to his brilliant podcast on