D Flect brings us Reflection as a free download on Soundcloud. This track has a downbeat and almost somber starting point, almost an opportunity for “Reflection”. But all that quickly lifts with the brass licks, soaring vocals and perfect drums. The beat ticks along giving a real sense of direction for the track, holding all of the instruments in place, this is a beautiful piece of music all round and a joy to listen to. As a free download, you don’t want to miss this track. It has everything that you want in a smooth, liquid drum and bass track. It would be perfect in many situations and this is a credit to the production of the individual sounds and mix in general.


As soon as the track was finished, I wanted to listen to the next, so I replayed the track before moving on to find more of D Flect’s tracks. I’m sure you will do the same. D Flect can be found on Soundcloud and Facebook.