A Million Dreams released their first single of the year with ‘Sorcerer’, a beautiful track built around a luscious chord progression and fantastic set of electronic instruments. There is a real soul to this piece of music, which of course comes from the emotion behind the chords, but the mix is sympathetic to the ear, inviting the listener to focus on the other elements within the track that build up the melodic instrument layer.

The drums are not overbearing, sat in the back of the track allowing for the rich synths to take the focus, but present enough to allow the kick to give the track a heartbeat, an extra level to the depth. In reality, this is a very simple track, but more often than not, these are the best tracks because the complexity is able to come through because we can hear everything in the song. There is a subtle arpeggiated part that sparkles under the chord which I really enjoyed.

You can check out A Million Dreams on Spotify.

Antrim from Argentina brings us his own style of feel good, groove based progressive techno music with this absolutely brilliant three track EP available on Sudbeat. The whole EP has a defined style and accomplished production values that hold the attention of the listener superbly. ‘Bawa’ is the opening track which plays with those upbeat and positive vibes that make you want to dance. This is a fantastic track which oozes with energy and the infectious rhythm is impossible to ignore. 

The vocal soar in and out of the mix, adding the personable feel to the track and connecting the listener to the festival sounding atmosphere that the instruments sit within. The ambience around the vocal is so cool, I love listening to ethereal vocals that drift off in to the distance. The drums are well produced, crisp and punchy, which form a strong backdrop for the rest of the instruments to sit on. The bass is rounded and warm, the synth riff is almost a percussive tone the scratches and slides over the rhythm section with precision and swing. The softer pad sounds are a great contrast to the rest of the instruments that are slightly more aggressive, so these pads create a welcome difference to the sonic balance. The EP also features the tracks ‘Confused’ and ‘Jadidat’ which are worth checking out also.

You can follow Antrim on Facebook and Soundcloud.
This track, Let it Burn, has a fresh and organic feel throughout which is perfect for the soulful vocals that Kole weaves over the track. The production on the vocals themselves is really nice to listen to, such a smooth flow exaggerated by subtle reverbs carrying the vocal off in to the background. The backing vocals give a warm and wide feel to the vocal parts which is really nice to listen to.

The instrumental track progresses in just the right areas adding emphasis and focus for the track as it grows around the vocal. The drums are well produced and give the track a more modern twist which allows it to drop in to more popular electronic pop music style which would fit perfectly at home in front of summer festival crowds.

I love organic sounds and music that is made using ethereal elements. Combined with a vocal that has power, soul and emotion – its a brilliant combination that I can listen to over and over.

The track is produced by Miami Horror, who can be found along with Kole on Facebook and Spotify.

Jade Parker’s Lead Me Astray EP comes with much anticipation and intrigue. ‘Closer’ introduces us the the chilled vibes, pulsating drums and beautiful vocals that really give this music producer her own space in time.

The music itself is really well produced with well balanced sounds and amazing detail in the textures that are spaced around the sonic stereo field. The drum sounds are really well polished giving a heart and soul to the music with out being over bearing to the vibe of the track. The interesting weave of melodic tones and moving textures hold the audience which leaving space for the rich vocal to cut through the mix, drift off with a subtle delay and leaves the listener wanting more.

This is a mesmerising track and a really nice way to be introduced to Jade Parker’s sounds if you haven’t already heard them. The rest of the EP is excellent.

The video adds another dimension to the track so its worth a watch!