The So Much Style EP by Beat Le Juice from Poland is a refreshing, cleanly produced set of tracks that dance through funk, disco and bass music on a fun sonic journey.

This is well worth a listen from start to finish with great catchy riffs, well produced drums and great instrumentation all round. Funk Magic feels slightly edgier and overall my favourite of the tracks, the horn parts and reverberant vocals are really well positioned around the stereo field. Be sure to take a listen to this on a decent pair of headphones so that you can appreciate the detail that has gone in to the production.

There are more chilled moments throughout the ep that bring the energy down like in the title track, So Much Style, which gives us time to breathe and sway within the musicality of the track. This really has been produced with great detail and it is a joy to listen to.

You can check out the EP on all streaming services, it was released on Scour Records.