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The track Boom by Jecin George is an upbeat future house styled piece that really has some brilliant musical elements in that are great to listen to. The track has you reaching for the volume dial to increase the energy that shifts throughout the track. I really enjoy upbeat music and this is perfect for the summer DJ sets that are upon us.

The drums are punchy and crisp which is a must in this style, there is a lovely reverberant space around the drums that really add to the atmospheric value of the track. With clever vocal and synth manipulation throughout, this track keeps you on your toes while listening, and if you haven’t started to move to this, i’m really not sure what will get you out of your seat! There are many different house and trance elements that come through the track and it is clear the Jecin George isn’t locked in to one style of music, for his productions and also for their influences.

The motif over the top of the track played on a slightly metallic marimba , is fun to listen to and happy by nature. A cool phrase that sticks in your mind and you almost want more of, even though it is well placed in the track. Overall, this is a great showcase of music production talent.

With the release of his latest album, Payan, the Austrian electronic music producer shows us his desire to create music that inspires and puts a smile to the face of the listener. The first track of the most recent release, ‘Tropical Mind’ does this perfectly. With a blend of instruments that would be at home in a dance floor house track, but with more spacing and deliberateness to the development of the track due to the slightly slower tempo.

The tropical sense in the track comes from the higher percussive melodic parts that really have some lovely moments within the performances. There is a beautifully chopped vocal part that dances around giving depth to the track and a personable element that draws you in again.

The mix of the track is great to listen to, with natural dynamics and a really well thought out progression. This leads on to the rest of the album which does not disappoint, drawing on many influences that impact on Payan’s musical direction.

Liquithority drops another huge track unto the world with ‘War Lord’, a more intense and slightly darker piece of music, that still captures the unique sound and style that is the Manchester producer to a t.

The drums are crisp and punchy, driving the track forward and providing structure to the brilliantly spaced instrumentation and mix of synths that dance around the stereo field. The snare drum rolls and ticks along with such a groove that really adds the feel of a human player to the part. The drums, bass and synth sound design in this track is really spot on and listening in headphones only exaggerates the space that has been produced in this track.

As always, I am very impressed with the musicality and production from Liquithority, seeing a new track released by him always brings a smile to my face. This track doesn’t fail to do that either, my favourite sound in the track is the distant bass that introduces a key change towards the second half of the track showing the depth of musical knowledge and mixing technique. This is brilliant, check it out now.

This is an absolute blinder of a track that punches so much weight in the intro, and then explodes in to a frantic dance floor, rave worthy track. Think of your strobe lights flashing and people flying on the sticky floors. I love the dark edgy vibe that Dualscript creates when the duo produces their drum and bass. There is so much detail in every aspect of this track that i had to listen to it several times to be able to take it all in.

I’m a huge fan of intricate drum production and patterns, this absolutely hits the nail on the head for me. A track that flows in and out of minimal and heavy at each drop, its so much more than the second track on the EP, but a whole encompassed view in to the mind set of these producers and their musical influences. The bass is rounded and warm, a contrast to the crisp drums and harsh tones that fly over the top. If you want to listen to something to get your juices flowing, this whole EP is worth a listen and I can honestly say that I enjoyed every second of it.

It may have been released a year ago, but when you come across music that you somehow missed when it was released, it is even more special to be able to join the party. I hope you like it as much as I have. You can follow Dualscript on Soundcloud here and find the release on Close 2 Death Recordings.
This is such a dark and moody intro to an absolute dream of a minimal drum and bass remix. Kyrist has pulled together an immense sound palette with insane modulations and beautifully sculpted reverbs that simply slice through the air in front of you.

The drums are sparkly and clean, but have the fizz and power that holds the track together. The kick drum is perfect for this style of Drum and Bass, the percussive patterns are well structured leaving great areas for variations and tweaks to the rhythm. The bass is deep and powerful, rolling along in the back of the track, allowing all the twisted sounds and vocal cuts to slide in and out. The production values on this piece of music are really something to be admired.

This is the best track i’ve heard today, such a great groove and flow. The mix is strong and has great movement throughout. There isn’t a moment in this track where the sonic field stays still, its constantly evolving and developing. Absolutely brilliant.

The So Much Style EP by Beat Le Juice from Poland is a refreshing, cleanly produced set of tracks that dance through funk, disco and bass music on a fun sonic journey.

This is well worth a listen from start to finish with great catchy riffs, well produced drums and great instrumentation all round. Funk Magic feels slightly edgier and overall my favourite of the tracks, the horn parts and reverberant vocals are really well positioned around the stereo field. Be sure to take a listen to this on a decent pair of headphones so that you can appreciate the detail that has gone in to the production.

There are more chilled moments throughout the ep that bring the energy down like in the title track, So Much Style, which gives us time to breathe and sway within the musicality of the track. This really has been produced with great detail and it is a joy to listen to.

You can check out the EP on all streaming services, it was released on Scour Records.

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It has soul, it has a bouncy bass driving the track forward, it has a galloping drum pattern and delicate, warm keys. And then Boudah’s vocal sweeps you off your feet while telling such a heartfelt story, although its not for you, it feels like you are part of the track, the subject that everything is dancing around.

Such a powerful development in a piece of music that is predominantly electronic, yet with so many real instruments, this could easily be a performance of many musicians. Imagine that. The mix exaggerates the sense of space and position of each sound which allows the vocal all the air and sense of presence to bring her closer to you. It’s amazing.

If you listen to this track on headphones, it is one of the most personal experiences you could ever have with a piece of music. And its buried right in the middle of a superb LP by Zed Bias called Different Response available on Exit Records. For me this a stand out feature of the LP is the vocal production, which is inspiring to say the very least.