This ambient, dream like track from Marcibagoly is a beautiful way to loose track of time and drift in to the serene pad that swells throughout the track. The piece is called ‘Nubes’ and is part of the Grey Convection release on Technofonika Records.

The piano is wrapped in a lush reverb that gives the piano strikes there own space in the track. This is a simple composition, but the layers and effects are mesmerising to listen to and suggests that the track is going to drop at any second.

The rest of the ep is really nice listen to and falls somewhere between dub techno and ambient music styles. All the sounds are really clean and the use of effects is tasteful and well controlled throughout. A wonderful set of tracks.

This is simply a lush soundscape of rich synths and ambient tones that reaches far in to the distance and out from the speakers with a magical amount of space. The track is called “Bordeaux 7am” and is by the very talented Flexagon.

The colder tones in this track are reminiscent of a familiar futuristic, sound palette for a modern cinematic, while the rich, warm lower tones lean more towards an organic, more open sound. The occasional, heartbeat style drums really give the music, which already has its own pulse, a definitive foothold and sense of pacing. I really enjoyed listening to the space in this track created by the use of the stereo field and movement within the reverbs.

This is extremely ambient while also emotional, thought provoking and inspirational, even through the evolving tones and soundscape instrumentation and structure that has been used to capture such a journey. Brilliant music. Flexagon also puts a stunning series of ambient through Electronica Dj mixes which are fantastic to listen to.

Liquithority drops another beautiful track, this time with a more subdued vibe called “Interlude”. All I can say about this is I’ve replayed it many times and each time it sends shivers down the back of the neck.

There are subtle nuances that dance around the stereo field that if you are not paying attention, you simply won’t notice. Strings pulsate far in the distance before the drop, swirling through an arpeggio style riff, the sound of waves gives us a sense of ambience and an organic soul.

The drums are round and present in the mix, holding on to the house style roots that this track originated from, the bass ticks along weaving in and out of the drum pattern. I absolutely love this track, I thought that the previous track released by Liquithority was insanely good, but for my own personal tastes in music, this could be my favourite.

Once again, this generous music producer gives away his music for free, so grab it now before he stops being so kind to the music world.

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This is Jade Parker’s second release this year from the Manchester talent and it starts with a beautifully organic, personable track called “Reverse Our Steps” built around a range of cuts of her vocal interspersed into a dubby beat with swirls and space finding sounds that entice the listener to turn up the volume in preparation for what is to come.

Communication is the second track and again it has the true organic vibe that we expect of Jade. The drums land with punch and fizz that really drive the track forward. Her vocal seems effortless as it floats through the stereo field towards you. The instrumentation in her arsenal is smooth and carefully chosen, creating a perfect backdrop for her voice, although it’s not just a backdrop, but an intricate tapestry of musicality and music production skills that find more room for detail on every beat. This is a beautiful track with vocals rolling through each other, dove tailing of the previous line and drifting off into a magical reverb.

The rest of the EP grows off the first two tracks and I urge you to listen to it all, without me telling you exactly what’s to come. “Like No One” and “All I Need” are just as brilliant as all her other work. Rest assured, Jade Parker is making waves with her music, putting on a live show to match her style and passion for the scene, you need to take a listen to this. Oh, and it’s also available on limited edition cassette tape.

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Available on Samurai Music, this track has groove, ambience and leans towards a more sinister vibe. Kwartz has an amazing talent from drum production with the percussion and energy continuously developing and driving the track forward. Each drum sound is perfectly crafted to cut through the wall of sound, and tail off in to the background with it’s reverb or delay pattern. The percussion is positioned all around the stereo field which makes it a joy to listen to. This sounds awesome on all sound systems I have played it through – a really inspiring mix.

The rest of the instruments fall in to a drone type category, pulsating in and out of the drums and ambience. The texture and tonality of the low end bass part, and the pads, is really rich and filters through a gritty energy in the track. There are other sweeping sounds that come in and out that are really cool in the way that they pull your attention away from the rest of the mix and over to one side of the stereo field before dropping you right back in to the centre of the mix. I love this track and I am really inspired by most of the output from Samurai Music.

You can follow Kwartz on Soundcloud.

Taken from the soundtrack for App: A Human Story, Enter Ants is a beautifully crafted soundscape of arpeggiated chords, piano chords, a reverberant drum and vocals, as well as many intricately positioned sounds that build this amazing piece of music. The ambience that the instruments are placed in to is something special and inspiring to hear how the sounds pulsate forward through the space.

This whole album is awesome and something really different to listen to because of how freshly the instruments are used to build different levels of tension, intrigue, sadness and joy. This will take you on a journey and can do so with or with out the visuals that it has been written for.

The Muse Maker is a true talent and I am really inspired by this music. I hope you enjoy it too! You can listen to this on Spotify and follow him on Facebook.