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Bereneces – Minimal DNB Mix

Flexagon – Bordeaux 7am

This is simply a lush soundscape of rich synths and ambient tones that reaches far in to the distance and out from the speakers with a magical amount of space. The track is called “Bordeaux 7am” and is by the very talented Flexagon. The colder tones in this track are reminiscent of a familiar futuristic,…

Liquithority – Interlude

Liquithority drops another beautiful track, this time with a more subdued vibe called “Interlude”. All I can say about this is I’ve replayed it many times and each time it sends shivers down the back of the neck. There are subtle nuances that dance around the stereo field that if you are not paying attention,…

Jade Parker – Reverse Our Steps

This is Jade Parker’s second release this year from the Manchester talent and it starts with a beautifully organic, personable track called “Reverse Our Steps” built around a range of cuts of her vocal interspersed into a dubby beat with swirls and space finding sounds that entice the listener to turn up the volume in…

John Torri – Vinyl Mix – Oracle Studios

Oracle studio session

Posted by Mattia John Torri on Saturday, 4 August 2018
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Oracle studio session Posted by Mattia John Torri on Saturday, 4 August 2018

Ambient House Mix by Amarel

Kwartz – Frame Dislocation

Available on Samurai Music, this track has groove, ambience and leans towards a more sinister vibe. Kwartz has an amazing talent from drum production with the percussion and energy continuously developing and driving the track forward. Each drum sound is perfectly crafted to cut through the wall of sound, and tail off in to the…

Atmospheric Dub Techno Mix

The Muse Maker – Enter Ants

Taken from the soundtrack for App: A Human Story, Enter Ants is a beautifully crafted soundscape of arpeggiated chords, piano chords, a reverberant drum and vocals, as well as many intricately positioned sounds that build this amazing piece of music. The ambience that the instruments are placed in to is something special and inspiring to…

Kole – Let it Burn

This track, Let it Burn, has a fresh and organic feel throughout which is perfect for the soulful vocals that Kole weaves over the track. The production on the vocals themselves is really nice to listen to, such a smooth flow exaggerated by subtle reverbs carrying the vocal off in to the background. The backing…