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T & Sugah x NCT bring us Say To Me which is available on Liquidity Records. This is a fantastic summer drum and bass tune with all the energy possible to lift your mood and put a smile on your face. It kicks off with a beautiful vocal that grabs hold of you and prepares you for a journey that is about to unfold. The drums are bouncy and fun, a subtle hint of the groove is dropped before the build up and the squeeze before the tracks kicks off proper is really nicely filtered.


The vocal production is really smooth and catchy, an infectious lyric that gets stuck in the mind from the first few bars of the track. The stutter effects and vocal edits are current and slick which really gives this track a character of its own. The drum fills accent the energy shift and drive of the track while building for the next section to continue the energy. The bass line is cool and full of life, creating that perfect driving vibe or summer dance floor filler.

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