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Ramal Rifiki is a Manchester based producer and vocalist with a unique, upbeat and fresh twist to his style of electronic hip hop.

I really like this piece of music, it has great energy right from the off coming from the groove and tone of the bass synth. This sets the tone for the track and you know that the there is a driving beat waiting to start up.

The track properly drops and the energy from the drums and the slightly more present vocals really lift the track. The main vocal itself has a cool hypnotic flow to it that draws in the listener.

The sample manipulation is stylised with a nod to its hip hop and trap influences, but well executed all the same, giving a familiar and gritty element to the track.

It is great to listen to a vocalist that is in total control of the production elements and music. You can really hear the time that has been put in to Ramal Rafiki’s music and its something to admire. Check out more of his releases on Soundcloud.

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