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Nymad from Manchester releases a fantastic EP called 3 Ways to Cure a Soul on Finest Ego. The third track on the EP is called “Mutual” and is a rhythmically driven master piece with great ambience and musicianship throughout. It draws on many electronic styles and mixed with great production skills, wraps this beautiful soundscape together for a great experience for the listener. The drums are energetic and sharp, playing fantastically with the empty space and the off beat. The filtered arpeggiator sweeps through the sonic spectrum with a grace and presence that exaggerates the track to the drop. The bass line in this is deep and melodic, it brings a new energy to the drum, almost highlighting the tones in the individual hits.


The rest of the EP is worth a listen and if you enjoyed this track, you should take the time to experience the sounds of Nymad as he is a great producer who is making waves for himself to ride on, with a great ear for sounds and a real ability to write a track that takes you on a journey.
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