In July, very early in the morning on a Saturday, Ben and Al met with Mike Sweeney and Paddy O’Hare to start recording a 5 track ep of new and original material for the duo. First up, it was amazing once agin to work with such talented musicians with ideas flowing and improvisation and experimentation throughout.

For this project we were very lucky to be able to use the Live Room from Manchester Midi School to give us maximum space for all the instruments and performers.

First up we put down a few guide guitar tracks along with a box drum – kahon, followed by layering guitars and a whole host of instruments from banjo, harmonicas, mandolin, shakers, claps, vocals, the list was endless. Even Ben got involved playing bass on 4 of the tracks. There must have been 12 people in the studio at one point all getting involved and  having a great time.

Ben once again took the tracks away after two weekends of tracking and then sat down with Paddy and started to sift through the takes and put together the golden takes. Ben then spent some time putting the mixes together before meeting up again with Mike and Paddy to put the finishing touches in place. Alasdair then took the tracks and mastered them to finish the project off.

This was a magical project to be involved in and we loved every minute of it, full of laughs, stories and warm food as well as all the music.

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