Mike Moss drops his latest music offering with his EP, “Start with Love, And Forgive the Rest”. This is a brilliant blend of electronic elements infused within a traditional instrument set of a band. In the seven track collection, he takes us on a journey through his mind and vision of the world.

My personal favourite from listening to the EP is ‘Revolver’, an upbeat track with a awesome vocal line, excellent musical performances on each instrument and a killer arpeggiated synth line. There is so much soul with the dynamics build within the track, from the lower parts to the full on chorus, all creating a magical wall of sound that supports the vocal perfectly. This production is consistent across the each track on the release and it is really refreshing to hear so much detail put across a collection of tracks, with each one being brilliantly different from the next, yet unmistakably Mike Moss.

“Revolver” has some really nice space and use of reverb that I really enjoyed, all the sounds are crisp and punchy throughout, especially the drums and vocals. The width and dynamic shifts in this track are particularly impressive and it makes for enjoyable listening on your favourite set of speakers! I can highly recommend this release as a perfect example of production values for a release, and a great set tracks from a talented musician and performer, Mike Moss.

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