The Tesseract – This has all the energy you ever needed in a psy-trance epic, and it’s the latest offering from Mechanimal, an accomplished and clinical producer in this genre. The synth work is pin point through out with smooth filter modulations altering the texture of the wall of sound coming towards you. Even on a small set of speakers, this track still portrays energy and power. The space around the sounds is amazing to listen to with the sweeping synths and pulsating rhythms slicing right through, just perfectly.

The sonic spectrum and stereo field is completely filled with energy and movement within this track and it is really exciting to listen to. The risers help build the energy in a recognisable fashion, but the musicality and percussive elements are already building the power in the track, so this is truly a magical piece of music production to admire.

You can follow Mechanimal on Soundcloud. This release is available on Sculpted Sounds as part of the Foundational Frequencies compilation.

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