This is such a dark and moody intro to an absolute dream of a minimal drum and bass remix. Kyrist has pulled together an immense sound palette with insane modulations and beautifully sculpted reverbs that simply slice through the air in front of you.

The drums are sparkly and clean, but have the fizz and power that holds the track together. The kick drum is perfect for this style of Drum and Bass, the percussive patterns are well structured leaving great areas for variations and tweaks to the rhythm. The bass is deep and powerful, rolling along in the back of the track, allowing all the twisted sounds and vocal cuts to slide in and out. The production values on this piece of music are really something to be admired.

This is the best track i’ve heard today, such a great groove and flow. The mix is strong and has great movement throughout. There isn’t a moment in this track where the sonic field stays still, its constantly evolving and developing. Absolutely brilliant.
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