This track, Let it Burn, has a fresh and organic feel throughout which is perfect for the soulful vocals that Kole weaves over the track. The production on the vocals themselves is really nice to listen to, such a smooth flow exaggerated by subtle reverbs carrying the vocal off in to the background. The backing vocals give a warm and wide feel to the vocal parts which is really nice to listen to.

The instrumental track progresses in just the right areas adding emphasis and focus for the track as it grows around the vocal. The drums are well produced and give the track a more modern twist which allows it to drop in to more popular electronic pop music style which would fit perfectly at home in front of summer festival crowds.

I love organic sounds and music that is made using ethereal elements. Combined with a vocal that has power, soul and emotion – its a brilliant combination that I can listen to over and over.

The track is produced by Miami Horror, who can be found along with Kole on Facebook and Spotify.
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