Kapital A brings us his 11:11 album which an exploration through hip hop and modern electronic music. Destiny gives us a piano driven, up beat and intense ride in this amazingly produced track.

The attention is captured instantly at the start with the combination of the piano and rising siren. The drums are fantastic in this track, so crisp and punchy, with out overshadowing the rest of the mix. The vocals are clean and precise with nice space cut around them in the mix.

I really like this crowd like chant that is leaning an influence in this track. The rest of the sound packet is mixed through electronica, a theme that is pulled through the album. Take a chasten, its a refreshing variation on hip hop rap that I really vibe of with a huge selection of instruments and textures taking each track in it own unique direction, while retaining the Kapital A focus. Another track that I enjoyed on the album was “Pedro”, check it out.

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