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Depths is a fantastic dnb journey by a talented artist known as K2T. This release come to you on Detached Audio, a drum and bass label providing forward thinking music. And this certainly fits in to that dimension. The drums are punchy yet feel like they are being played through a vinyl with a warmth and crackle that gives them a really interesting character. The bass dives around somewhat a kin to trap and more bass driven music, yet it fits perfectly with the pads and almost scatty percussive bubbles.

There is a real strand of originality in the is track, as well as the rest of the ep that this comes from – Starscape. K2T is a really imaginative music producer and he presents some incredible ideas and mixes in his musical output. This track, Depths, is a perfect example of one of the extremes of his style within drum and bass for example.

I always make a point of highlighting the fact that music that catches you by surprise – is my favourite, obviously there are still limits to this, but K2T has a fantastic ability to pull you in and out of a mood or genre with out causing confusion.

Take the time to listen to this ep, another track called The Idealist shows a very different dimension to K2T which tugs on the tender side of your emotions….

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