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This is Jade Parker’s second release this year from the Manchester talent and it starts with a beautifully organic, personable track called “Reverse Our Steps” built around a range of cuts of her vocal interspersed into a dubby beat with swirls and space finding sounds that entice the listener to turn up the volume in preparation for what is to come.

Communication is the second track and again it has the true organic vibe that we expect of Jade. The drums land with punch and fizz that really drive the track forward. Her vocal seems effortless as it floats through the stereo field towards you. The instrumentation in her arsenal is smooth and carefully chosen, creating a perfect backdrop for her voice, although it’s not just a backdrop, but an intricate tapestry of musicality and music production skills that find more room for detail on every beat. This is a beautiful track with vocals rolling through each other, dove tailing of the previous line and drifting off into a magical reverb.

The rest of the EP grows off the first two tracks and I urge you to listen to it all, without me telling you exactly what’s to come. “Like No One” and “All I Need” are just as brilliant as all her other work. Rest assured, Jade Parker is making waves with her music, putting on a live show to match her style and passion for the scene, you need to take a listen to this. Oh, and it’s also available on limited edition cassette tape.


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