Jade Parker’s Lead Me Astray EP comes with much anticipation and intrigue. ‘Closer’ introduces us the the chilled vibes, pulsating drums and beautiful vocals that really give this music producer her own space in time.

The music itself is really well produced with well balanced sounds and amazing detail in the textures that are spaced around the sonic stereo field. The drum sounds are really well polished giving a heart and soul to the music with out being over bearing to the vibe of the track. The interesting weave of melodic tones and moving textures hold the audience which leaving space for the rich vocal to cut through the mix, drift off with a subtle delay and leaves the listener wanting more.

This is a mesmerising track and a really nice way to be introduced to Jade Parker’s sounds if you haven’t already heard them. The rest of the EP is excellent.

The video adds another dimension to the track so its worth a watch!