Jack Bacon drops his ‘Dark Matter EP’ on Sub-Label Recordings and the track ‘Icarus’ is an absolute blinder. A near 7 minute exploration of the atmospheric sides of techno and deeper music.

The track starts with a progressive beat with beautiful evolving pads that swell and move around the stereo field allowing the smaller details to jump through the mix. All of the synth work that follows and develops throughout the track is brilliant and really enjoyable to listen to. The bell like sounds that flutter over the top of the track give so much expression, and this is all before the arpeggiated pad riff floats in from the background before propelling the track forward.

The glitchy percussion exaggerates the beat and gives a sense of urgency to the track that really brings it to life, complimenting the smooth pads and rolling reverbs.

As a debut release on the label, this is a really strong collection of tracks and if you dive in further and listen to Aeris and Orbis as well, you will be well and truly satisfied with you 20 minutes spent floating through the atmospheric techno that Jack Bacon really has down to a fine art.

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