Taken from the ‘Out of Time’ album released in 2017, Hugo Kant’s ‘This Is Just The Beginning’ is an absolute masterpiece to round off a superb album. I’ve listened through the whole album several times, and it is a real journey that can be enjoyed by all listeners and music lovers. But for me, ‘This Is Just The Beginning’ completely took my breathe away. The whole album blends real instruments, recognisable sounds and familiar tones with electronic grooves, tones and samples that really set off the scene and make you smile and tap your foot. ‘This Is Just The Beginning’ feels like it has stepped right out of a gangster and detective movie, I can’t help but feel as though I’ve been transported to another time, sat in a bar listening to a huge band.

I decided to share this track over any others on the album because I feel as though it being the last track, that not as many people will hear it, but maybe i’m wrong. The production on this piece of music and the album in its entirety is tight, full of energy and a real spectacle to admire. I will be searching out more of Hugo Kant’s music as this is one of the most enjoyable albums that I have listened to in recent months. I only wish i’d have found it earlier!

There are moments in the rest of the album where I felt as if i had been swept away and ended up in a parallel universe, from the first beats of the opening track ‘Entering The Black Hole’ through the mesmerising vocal sounds and cut up beats in ‘Odissi’, again I can’t recommend this enough.

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