Astron is a percussive, groove driven track that has beautiful melodies and sweeping energy throughout that encapsulates the listener and weaves a spacey tapestry of synth work and arpeggiated riffs around you as the track develops. Hernan Cattaneo and Soundexile have really locked in to a mesmerising rhythm while writing this piece of music and you can hear the potentially contrasting influences coming together in the mix through choices of instrumentation.

I think that the track is caught somewhere in between techno and house genres which is a really cool blend and creates a track that has the progressive variations of the former style and the continuous skip of the latter. Overall, the production in this mix is really clean and everything in the mix has it’s place. The stereo width in the drum pattern is great to listen to through headphones but the whole track screams for the club and a sound system.

Astron is available on Sudbeat Music.

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