This is simply a lush soundscape of rich synths and ambient tones that reaches far in to the distance and out from the speakers with a magical amount of space. The track is called “Bordeaux 7am” and is by the very talented Flexagon.

The colder tones in this track are reminiscent of a familiar futuristic, sound palette for a modern cinematic, while the rich, warm lower tones lean more towards an organic, more open sound. The occasional, heartbeat style drums really give the music, which already has its own pulse, a definitive foothold and sense of pacing. I really enjoyed listening to the space in this track created by the use of the stereo field and movement within the reverbs.

This is extremely ambient while also emotional, thought provoking and inspirational, even through the evolving tones and soundscape instrumentation and structure that has been used to capture such a journey. Brilliant music. Flexagon also puts a stunning series of ambient through Electronica Dj mixes which are fantastic to listen to.

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