This is part of the ‘Aliens Are Coming’ EP available on Fresh DEM Records, Deeper Creeper by DJ Ryde. A truly upbeat and bouncy drum and bass tracks that is produced to a very high standard, and contains all the parts of a true dnb classic. The playful melody floats above the rest of the soundscape, manipulated and modulated with little stutters and alterations. Underneath it, an energetic drum beat drives the track forward with that stab bass accenting the midrange riff, which then falls on to a bass tone. This is a really cleverly produced piece of music that showcases the ability of DJ Ryde.


I love the little half time break, but I am partial to a drastic alteration in the track or that spaced out moment before the track builds and drops again. This is really cool, I will be listening to the rest of the EP straight away!


Although this is not necessarily the type of drum and bass that I would normally reach for, this track and the rest of the EP is really fun and i did really enjoy the production values that have gone in to this, while leaning towards more Jump Up drum and bass the further the EP unfolds, it even got me wondering about developing some more music with this feel of energy. So if it gets you to want to make music, dance or jump – it must have hit the nail on the head!
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