From the artwork, you would be forgiven for thinking this is going to be an easy ride of an EP with relaxing tones throughout. That would be a no. This is a fantastically diverse set of tracks with contrasting tones of sound design and recognisable instrumentation that really engages the listener.

The track Honestly from this EP is a blend of ethereal vocals and heavy precision drums, with a smooth bass holding everything together. This track feels so raw with its drums pounding away, driving the track through the reverberant tails of vocals and pianos. Its quite haunting yet inviting at the same time and this is brilliant in a piece of music, being able to evoke two contrasting emotions at the same time. The production on this track is second to none and it really is something to admire within the drum and bass spectrum, it is also a great example of relatively simple instrumentation sounding huge and being perfectly crafted together to create the very character of this track. This is a brilliant piece of music to start the EP that is available on Soul Deep Recordings. The rest of the EP takes us through several other sub genres of drum and bass, all executed with the same precision and extreme craft that is the Conrad Subs sound.

I would recommend checking out some of the other releases of this producer if this is the first track you have heard, he has an impressive catalogue and release rate that is inspiring in itself.

The EP is available on Soul Deep Recordings.