‘Blurred Image’ is Sheffield based producer Chro-Mag’s fifth release, and first under the
Sub-Label Recordings banner.

The first track ‘Warped Heart’ starts with ethereal, emotive atmosphere and quickly develops into an aggressive 4/4 beat, with evolving and somewhat Dub inspired synth stabs and vocals. The contagious drum grooves slowly develop throughout the track while Chro-Mag subtly and effectively removes and introduces new elements into the music, keeping the listener fully engaged throughout.

‘Slipstream’ has a completely different feel from the previous track, with a brooding drone and intense percussion leading into a solid drum rhythm followed by more vocal stabs, the main synthline dominates the main vibe of the track while it travels from ear to ear leading the track to new progressions and making room for the arpeggiated lead which distorts and mutates before releasing back into a solid 4/4 Techno groove.

‘Blurred Image’ is the title track of the EP and it does exactly that, it creates a blurred mixture of ‘Warped Heart’ and ‘Slipstream’, using the dark drones the listener has just experienced in this previous track with the melodic and Dub influences heard in the opening track. ‘Blurred Image’ really sets the pace for the whole EP and glues in together to make a cohesive piece of music. Listening to each track individually will create a very unique experience whilst just putting on the EP and letting it run its course will leave the listener envisioning a late night Techno basement club gradually progressing with each track.

Overall the ‘Blurred Image’ EP is a solid and experimental Techno EP which successfully pulls off the risks that Chro-Mag has taken. These three tracks will make an impact in the Techno world.

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